ST-1 Staff Training

Led by Tony Wilkinson and Mike Irwin, Staff Training 1 (ST-1) is designed for men just beginning their NWTA staffing experience AND it is an MKPI requirement that men have completed ST-1 before staffing their 4th NWTA. 

ST-1 is an opportunity to re-visit your experience of initiation and take it to a further level with the benefit of a higher perspective

The intention is to review, experience and understand the flow and energy of the processes on a NWTA including Container Building, Clearing and Facilitation.

This training will be Non-Residential for all men and due to space limitations there will be space for only 10 participants, 7 of those spaces have already been taken by men from Scotland and the remaining 3 are open to those willing to make their own arrangements for accommodation (but men from the Edinburgh i-group can probably offer you a bed in their homes).

You will be asked to provide your own food over the weekend and to bring food to share at mealtimes with a feast (or possibly take-away dinner) on Saturday night.

Friday 18th January 2019 (6.00pm start) to Sunday 20th January (4.00pm finish)

The Salisbury Centre

2 Salisbury Road

Edinburgh EH16 5AB

Tuition Fees (there are some limited bursaries available contact me directly)
£160 per man (no food or accommodation provided)

For all questions regarding this training contact
Tony Wilkinson

To Register Pay £160 Here:

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