The best measure of the ManKind Project’s success is how the lives of men and their loved ones have been impacted.

Paul Hawkes

“I just think that my life is fuller…”

As someone that has a deep interest in personal development, on a particular training course I was on, I’d asked one of the organisers (of the other training course) what was the best training course he had ever been on.

He said without hesitation “New Warrior Training Adventure”. Given I knew he was quite involved on both sides of the personal development world; I took this as an excellent recommendation and booked on the next available course.

Now having done my own NWTA, I can also say the same. The training weekend is awesome – the best training course I have ever done – working at a very deep and profound level. Having also observed massive breakthroughs with many, many other participants, NWTA should be made compulsory for all men!!!
— Alastair Morrison

Kenny D’Cruz

“I found a lot of men I respected…”

I truly had a life changing experience.

I did the Adventure about ten years ago and I experienced a connection both with myself and with other men that I had never experienced before.

The weekend allowed me to think about what was important in my life and to make changes that previously I didn’t even realise were on my radar. I discovered my personal mission and it is this that has brought about the biggest life changes for me.
— Ben Gold

Doing the NWTA was a catalyst that started a major change in how I presented myself in the world.

Before the weekend I was fearful, insecure, and isolated. The weekend provided a space where I could meet my biggest fear: Being around men.! This is something I longed for but was terrified of!

From that experience, seeds were planted and I know if it had not been for the NWTA, I would not be standing in a place today respecting who I am, engaging with my world and enjoying the company of other men.
— Michael W

Robert Taylor

“Today’s a very special day for me…”

I spent 20 odd years of my life living behind the mask of “competent businessman” before my life fell apart – a classic mid life crisis!

I believe those things happened because the strain of living without fulfilling my inner desires was too great to sustain. I needed and wanted so much to find a purpose, a way of life that fit with who I am, my deepest values and beliefs.

It hasn’t happened easily, or quickly, but MKP provided a place where the potential for change was available – and the support I needed to help that change happen has been freely available in ways I could never have imagined when I started this mid-life journey.
— Rod B