Mankind Project UK and Ireland

Our vision

is a world where all men:

Show up as the best version of themselves, secure in their role and deeply committed to nurturing one another, their families, their communities and their planet;

Are fully accountable and take responsibility for their decisions;

Resolve conflicts peacefully and respectfully;

Do not tolerate discrimination, torture, genocide, domestic violence and avoidable wars;

Are brothers in relationship with one another, committed to building a safer and more compassionate world today and for generations to come.

Our mission

Is to support all men to establish and pursue their own life purpose and nurture their emotional wellbeing.

We do this by offering every man transformational experiences and supporting them in confidential peer facilitated men's groups.

Our Values


Making commitments and meeting commitments;

I am responsible for my actions and their consequences, whether intended or unintended.


Wholeness; internal consistency; declaring and upholding moral values;

My words and actions reflect my values – I walk my talk


Setting direction for oneself and others; inspiring and encouraging action towards achieving vision and goals that are mutually beneficial;

I set my own direction and enable myself and others to contribute to building a safer, more compassionate world today and tomorrow.


Being genuine, showing the real me; remaining true to oneself;

I show myself as who I really am; I may strive to change but right now this is me.


Open-ness; welcoming all people; non - discriminating;

I open my heart to all; As an organisation we welcome all men without discrimination and we encourage our members to openly greet and accept all people regardless of their beliefs, their skin colour, their social standing or their sexual orientation.


Awareness of, demonstration of empathy, love and concern for others;

I take time to feel and empathise with your pain, your loss, your sadness; I take action to ease your suffering.


Showing kindness; a willingness to offer help and support more than usual or expected;

I’m here for you. I will share my time and resources with you without the need for repayment or recourse.


Due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others and admiration of their abilities, qualities or achievements;

I’m listening, I hear you and I understand what you are saying.