Diversity and Inclusion Statement

  1. We welcome all men on our trainings and in our communities.

  2. Discrimination is not accepted on our trainings or in our communities.

  3. We work towards greater inclusion and access whilst reducing discrimination across all defined characteristics (Race, Class, Age, Sexuality, Ability, Gender Reassignment, Religion or Belief).

  4. We create trainings and communities in which all men are welcome to discover their deepest truths. We welcome men of all sexual orientations (gay, heterosexual, and bisexual, including those who identify as having unwanted same sex attraction) to do their own work as they define it. We do not, and will not, attempt to change a man’s sexual orientation.

  5. We encourage men to respect the identity and value of others, and to take responsibility for the impact their words and behaviours have on others.

  6. We do not segregate our trainings or communities into groups that exclude others. Nor do we proselytize for any religion, belief or viewpoint.

  7. We expect our training leaders, community leaders and trustees to identify and challenge discriminatory language and behaviour, and actively work to ensure MKPUK&I is an inclusive organisation at all tiers and levels, including leadership, facilitation, programme development, community outreach and on the ground.