Leadership Training 3 (LT-3)

The Authentic Servant Leader

May 31st-June 2nd 2019 at Gaunts House

Friday 31st May @ 4pm to Sunday 2nd June @ 4pm

For all men in the community who are seeking to explore and expand leadership in their lives and learn more about how leadership works and doesn’t work for you. A ManKind Project International training designed to access The Leader Within.

Led by

John Kurk (MKP UK&I Leader & Leader Trainer)

John Gaughan (MKP USA Leader & Leader Trainer)


Gaunts House
BH21 4HD


The MKP Leadership Training curriculum empowers men to live with profound personal integrity and master a wide array of conscious leadership skills. Completion of all Leader Training's, (ST1, LT1, LT2 and LT3) along with extensive mentoring, peer evaluation, and facilitation experience are prerequisite to sitting for international certification as a NWTA Leader.

In Leader Training 3 (LT3) – The Authentic Servant Leader you will:

  • Explore how your 'authentic servant leader' shows up in MKP and your life.

  • Look deeply at your Victim/Perpetrator Shadows and how they might make your leadership less effective or even dangerous.

  • Access your excellence in understanding some of the key 'Covenanted Processes' we expect men to know when leading an NWTA.

  • Explore your leadership Gold in Mission and in a Golden Hotseat.

  • Look at how sexism might get in the way of your leadership.

  • Feel how the King's Quarter blesses and informs your leadership.

This training uses a mix of individual work, journalling, dyad work, group work and carpet/process work to access the authentic servant leader that lives in every man!


Following the training is the option to join a 7 week follow-up “Circle of Excellence”.

General Requirements

All men attending must have completed ST1, LT1 and LT2 (some exceptions may be granted) and have at least 8 NWTA Staffings, plus:

  • For LITs: a blessing from their mentor

  • For I-Group leaders: a blessing from their circle

  • For Elders: a blessing from their circle

  • For LKS: a blessing from their circle

  • For Community leaders: a blessing from their community

Fee - £450 per man for tuition, food and accommodation.

(some scholarships may also be available)

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For all enquiries about this training contact Tony Wilkinson wilder@talk21.com

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