Leadership Training 2 (LT-2)

The Burdens and Blessings of Leadership

November 22nd-24th 2019 - Belfast

Friday 22nd November @ 6pm to Sunday 24th November @ 4pm

For all men in the community who are seeking to explore and expand leadership in their lives and learn more about how leadership works and doesn’t work for you.

A ManKind Project International training designed to access The Leader Within.

Led by Michael Boyle, Tony Wilkinson and Mike Irwin

Michael, Tony and Mike have the combined experience of well over 300 NWTA's and Leader Trainings between them!

Leadership Training 2 (LT2) is a powerful experiential training, set in a safe and empowered container. Each man focuses on developing his leadership from within, and its links to real life - personally, professionally and on the NWTA- balancing self fulfillment with the necessary inspiration, responsibility, appropriate authority and sense of service. 

Experience what holds you back, and understand what underpins your power as a leader. Learn more about your gold and dark shadows of leadership. Discover how money shadows show up in your life and leadership.


Michael Boyle facilitates leadership programmes in corporations and business schools worldwide and is a certified ManKind Project International (MKPI) Leader and Leader Trainer based in the UK.

Tony Wilkinson is an experienced MKPI Leader, Leader Trainer and Shadow Work Group Facilitator.

Mike Irwin is an experienced MKPI Leader, Leader Trainer and all-round Facilitator.


The venue is a Scout Centre and can not be described as luxurious, all food will be provided onsite and a blow-up mattress will be provided for men who wish to stay onsite. There are also a number of B&B's in the local area where men can also stay.

Fee - £275 per man for tuition, food and accommodation at the venue.

(limited bursaries are available upon request)

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For all enquiries about this training contact Tony Wilkinson wilder@talk21.com

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