The Work's "Vegas" TED Talk on Toxic Masculinity

Its been a couple of years since the documentary “The Work” was released , which was actually filmed 9 years ago. If you’ve seen it you will remember “Vegas” the ex-gang member. Well Eldra Jackson III (his real name) has been out now for for 5 years and initiated as an MKP Brother in 2015. Since then he’s become a facilitator for the Inside Circle Foundation which reaches out to men in prison and men and women outside as part of the Inside Outside Circle Foundation team.

In December 2018 he gave a Ted Talk on Masculinity to the TEDWomen 2018 Conference.

Listen to it here:

Eldra was also interviewed on the Alain Guilliot podcast in Jan 2019 and goes into more detail on how he got where he was, how he moved on and where he is today.