The Journey Begins

I first heard about MKP through my wife who took the women’s version "Woman Within". It took me 7 years to pluck up the courage to take the great leap into the abyss --- and what a leap it was. One of the reasons I decided that the time was right, was that I’d just become a father for the second time and I was all too aware of the issues I have carried for many years, which I desperately didn’t want my children to inherit.

The biggest thing I wanted to take from the weekend was not so much a cognitive, tangible shift, but a deeper and less conscious one, a shift that would help me to change the patterns of behaviour which no longer served me.

That truly happened for me. I have often sought validation and acceptance from the people around me, due to a lack of self confidence and self belief. MKP has given me the ability to take action, believe in myself and grow as man. My own work was just a part of the experience. Being witness to the bravery and camaraderie of the other men gave me a new insight and a greater belief in the brotherhood that exists between men.

The journey has only just begun for me as I have found myself armed with a new drive. I’ve already joined a fantastic iGroup and have completed my PIT. The next stage is to staff a weekend. I am looking forward to seeing it from the other side and supporting the brave and wonderful men that sign up for ManKind Project's Adventure Training.