The Adventure - I fell into the arms of men

This weekend I fell into the arms of men.I fell into trust of man. I fell into myself.

I opened my eyes and saw the shining sky. I looked out and saw my brothers’ eyes. I looked out and saw the familiar face of the complete stranger who is me.

And for the first time felt love for him. Is this compassion, then? I saw greatness and beauty in other men: in their fierce nakedness, in their innocent strength, in eyes that have seen what I will never see... in ways I will never fathom. Eyes so different from me; eyes that lovingly behold me; eyes of another man, and another, and another... Just ordinary men: as vulnerable and mortal and wildly beautiful as each other.

I am a Wild Salmon, Journeying Home. Towards a new mortality. A new death. I am going, to die. I have already died and will die again and again. Let it always be a good death: Clean, Sheer, Complete. So I can be free to live with power and authenticity.

I left for this weekend with not a single hero, and returned with 80. Plus one. I’ve never believed in anything, least of all me - Life is full of surprises.... And the journey Continues.

Matthew H