New Warrior's Courage

ManKind Project - The Warrior’s Courage Facing fear and overcoming it has been and still can be one of the hardest jobs I've ever done.

I worked on the railway for 4 years. It was hard graft long hours in the middle of nowhere. On my first shift I discovered you had to use the railway bank as a toilet. Being in the middle of nowhere with crows and rabbits for company. I had just pulled my trousers down and was doing my bit for the roses. When out of nowhere track ballast (the rocks under the tracks) starts landing round my ears. I pulled my trousers up and was up the bank like a raging bull. There was a big Irish fella named John Cahill (dead now god rest his soul) chucking these rocks, making himself look big in front of the gang. And I was the new boy - much like school bullying. I was up in front of his face raging - he wasn't sure what to do. We ended up best mates after that.

The fear I'm talking about is greater than that. That was a physical action that had an outcome.

The fear I'm talking about lives in my own head and is not even real. Facing the fear “I'm not good enough” was my Hero's journey. My thanks go to The ManKind Project for helping me face it. My Adventure Weekend was empowering and emotionally freeing.