Yvette Forbes


I have had a varied career – in the film business and then with a communications consultancy specialising in ‘industrial theatre’.  Most recently, I was the CEO of an arts-based leadership development consultancy from start-up in 2001 to a successful global brand that was recognised in 2013 and received the Thought Leader Award from the Best Practice Institute. I stepped down as CEO at the end of 2016.

As well as my business expertise, I also have a Diploma in Executive Coaching and Organisation Development (AADCT Level 4/4, Distinction). I am currently the owner of two companies in the leadership development field.


As the mother of a son, I am aware of the need for good male role models in the volatile and complex world that we inhabit.  

As a CEO, the leadership methodology that we developed had its roots in the men’s movement and I learned a great deal about men’s pain and alienation from the fabulous group of ‘brothers’ I had the privilege of working with. Through them, I heard a good deal about The ManKind Project and so it was a joy to be able to become a Trustee of MKPUK&I.  I believe that the way forward is for men and women to work collaboratively to create an environment in work and at home where we are mutually supportive whilst celebrating our differences. 

I live in SW London and enjoy Pilates, walking and have a very eclectic taste in music. I am also a Governor at a local school.