Tom McPartlan

Tom McPartlan

Tom McPartlan

I am a strength and conditioning coach based in the UK. I work with a wide variety of people in a one to one setting helping them work on everything from performance in a sport to simply looking better naked!

My mission and purpose is to help create a world of love and security, by having the courage to take action, explore and love fully.

I am passionate about fitness and movement, I believe it can help so many people in so many ways.

In my spare time, I am normally found in the mountains walking, running or climbing. I love reading, particularly history, current affairs, climbing, or self development/strength conditioning based literature interest me.

Why MKP Is significant To Me?

MKP has really helped provide me some profound experiences. It topped off a lot of self work I had done, during an extremely challenging period of my life during which I felt very low and like I had lost all direction.

Apart from providing a grounding and developmental experience for me, they provided a group of like minded men. Who completely accepted me for who I was.

I passionately believe that more men in the world should be able to experience this. As part of my mission to create a more secure and loving world, I am fully 'in' on helping this charity to develop and help more men.