Susan McLaren

susan mclaren.png

I spent many years as a Whitehall policy civil servant, working mostly in social policy, but also in the European Commission and in the Cabinet Office.  Since 2010, I have worked in the voluntary sector, running fuel poverty projects and training credit unions and community organisations round the country to improve financial well-being in economically-disadvantaged communities. 
I’ve experienced the joys and frustrations of running a charity first by founding and running a (very small) debt advice organisation and then by becoming first treasurer and then chair of a local community member-led organisation. 

Why IS MKPUK&I significant to me?

23 years in Whitehall has shown me the limits of central government policies and convinced me of the importance of the personal and the local. While peoples’ problems are never all of their own making, nothing can be done to improve their situation without supporting and building their own capacity and their confidence in themselves. I am therefore impressed and fascinated by the work which the ManKind Project is doing and value the chance to contribute to it.