Instructions for using the staff medical form

If you are a first time user of the medform application, you need to "request an invite" into the system

Enter your email address and press the "Request Invite" button.

If there is no record of you in the system
An email has now been sent containing a link (url) which will allow you to complete your registration with the system and start completing your questionnaire.

If there is already a record of you in the system
No email will be sent to you and you will be presented with the login page.

Forgotten Password
Currently the system does not have a reset password function, if you have lost your password, contact to request a medform password reset.

Getting Started
If you have received an email containing your invitation into the system, following the supplied url will take you to the account setup page (with your email address already completed). The url is unique to you, you can save this url to return directly to your questionnaire.

On the account setup page you will be asked to complete:

1.   Your legal name

2.   Desired password (Note this down securely as you will need it next time you staff)

3.   Do you want the system to retain the answers to your questionnaire in order to make completion of your medical questionnaire easier should you choose to participate in further trainings?

When you are complete press the "Login" button, you will be taken to your questionnaire.

When you have read and answered all of the questions in the questionnaire the final action required of you is the you "submit your questionnaire" by pressing the red "Submit" button at the very bottom of the questionnaire.

This action is required even if you have previously completed a medform questionnaire and have not changed any of the answers (as it informs MKP UK & Ireland that you have reviewed your answers and everything is current)·

Once you have submitted your questionnaire
The text of the button will change to "Submitted". Pressing this button will cause the button to change back and the questionnaire to be "unsubmitted".

When "submitted" a link appears underneath the button allowing you to download a copy of your questionnaire (not mandatory, just for your own records).