Mankind Project UK and Ireland

Why we exist

  • Society’s expectations on men are based on power, control and invincibility, and push men away from developing social and emotional skills and vulnerability. This causes much of the dysfunctional behaviour disrupting our society.
  • Traditional societies understood that both women and men need the benefit and support of their own social groups. Women’s communities help girls to mature into women and the men’s communities are required to support boys to shift from their cared for, nurtured and protected mindset to that of the carer, nurturer and protector of the mature man.
  • Women are being proactive in redefining their role for our modern society. Our work is to help men do the same, and understand their role in achieving a healthy masculine feminine balance in our world. 
  • Many men feel that something is not working or that something is missing in their lives and want to put that right.
  • Being clearer about who he is, and about his role in life, allows a man to live with confidence, and purpose, and create a life without fear for himself and those around him.
  • UK statistics show us that:
    • 1 in 7 young men between 16 and 24 experience depression and anxiety
    • On average men are 3x more likely to die by suicide, and those of the poorest socio-economic circumstances are 10x more at risk: The greatest cause for men under 50 is suicide.
    • Men report significantly lower levels of life satisfaction than women in the Government’s national wellbeing survey
    • 87% of rough sleepers are men
    • Men make up 95 % of the prison population

Our aspiration is to transform the world by awakening the masculine psyche to choose maturity, responsibility and service.

How we operate

  • We work to help men understand how mature men behave and help men transition from their outgrown competitive, and often destructive ‘boy’ mindset into the caring, nurturing and supportive mature male mindset that supports their family and communities
  • We do this by bringing men together in social groups as men have gathered together for millennia.  These are workshops and/or community groups which provide opportunities for support and continued personal development.

What we do

  • We offer workshops:
    • Where men explore their purpose and make meaning of their role in life
    • In which men can review how they show-up in the world and how they would like to
    • Where men learn to express their feelings and needs in a healthy manner
    • Where men learn the values to become better partners, parents and members of their community 
  • We sponsor and support the setting up of ongoing groups, called circles, in which men:
    • continue their personal development
    • learn to embody appropriate values and behaviours
    • share a sense of belonging and are supported by other men 


Our aim is to welcome more men from more communities into more circles.