Loukas Mistelis


I am a Greek lawyer by training but most of my time is dedicated to higher education at an international level. My mission is to help young men and women to fulfill their potential through study of and reflection about the law. My work involves knowledge creation, thought leadership and knowledge dissemination. 

I also work as an arbitrator in international disputes and as a counsel in international arbitration and mediation proceedings; I have frequently been involved in complex business negotiations. I have lived outside Greece since 1990, for long periods of time in France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and the United States, and for shorter periods in Cambodia, Italy, Japan, and Singapore. 


I got to know MKP in 2015 when I did my NWTA. I subsequently did my PIT in spring/early summer the same year and joined a local i-group at the first opportunity. MKP has provided profound personal experiences helping me greatly at a personal and professional level. It has shown me my vulnerabilities and in this way it has also empowered me. Most importantly, it has encouraged me to accept my shadow sides and to continue to strive to be a better version of myself and to respect those around me. 

I particularly love the cosmopolitan and multi-cultural London life. Connecting with nature, spending time with family and learning through reading and quality debates and discussions keep me young and optimistic.