Kenneth Moore


A qualified chartered accountant, in March 2017 I retired as a partner with the world’s largest professional services firm, 35 years after joining it in Belfast. During my career, I built up substantial experience of leading, managing and developing people in client facing and operational business units around the globe. I am known for challenging “the status quo”, my own personal development and helping others reach their full potential.

Why is MKPUK&I significant to me?

Since stumbling across MKPUK&I and attending New Warrior Training Adventure in April 2017, I have focused on pursuing my life purpose, harnessing my emotions and realizing that investing in “self worth” is more valuable than building net worth. I have taken considerable time to immerse myself in building my knowledge and MKPUK&I trainings, regularly attending a men’s circle and now staffing trainings. 

Having shared my story over the last 12 months, I am increasingly persuaded of the value of MKPUK&I philosophy and practices for our wounded societies. From conversations I have had with men in “the City”, to men in the suburbs, to men of black communities, I see genuine interest and curiosity in MKPUK&I, as they identify with a desire to live a life with real purpose and harness their emotions.  MKPUK&I has so much to offer men from all walks of life.

I am married 23 years to Edith, a Kenyan, who I met while living in Canada. We have two mixed race children Tara and James, both at university. Edith is school counselor, working in schools in economically deprived areas of London.