Gillies Kleboe


For the last 10 years, I’ve worked as a recruitment consultant, searching for leaders and managers within the manufacturing and service industries. For seven of those years, I’ve owned the company I work for, which has been a big challenge for me. My challenge has largely been focused around my own behaviours and feeling a little lost as to my purpose. Through my work with the ManKind Project, I discovered what my core values were. This felt very much like finding a purpose and I apply these values to my business as well. They are -be real; work as one; always improve. Prior to working as a recruiter, I enjoyed my stints as a building site labourer, Inland Revenue assistant, pizza-maker and cocktail barman. Those were the days.

Why is MKPUK&I significant to ME?

If I want to save the world - and I do - I need to connect with other men rather than compete with them. My way of connecting is through emotional literacy. How do I feel? How can I process this feeling? How can I help my fellow men do the same? The ManKind Project has taught me how to be emotionally literate (I know also that the journey continues). This has been my most profound transformation in my 35 years on this wonderful planet. Is it naive to want this for all men?

I live in Edinburgh with my young family. When I’m not working I love to nail bits of wood together and cook elaborate curries.