David McGibney 

McGibney photo.jpg

I am a physician and scientist with more than 30 years leadership experience in medical research and development. I recently retired as an advisor to healthcare companies, charities and investors. My professional experience has included appointments in academic research, NHS hospitals and commercial research; I specialised in the research and development of new medicines. In recent years, I have served as board director to biotechnology companies around the world and have chaired various scientific and medical advisory boards of medical charities.

Personal psychological health, wellbeing and personal development have been preoccupations for almost 20 years and I am especially interested in the nexus between consciousness, psychology and spirituality. I am currently training in psychosynthesis psychotherapy and have a small psychotherapy practise. I have been in in recovery from alcohol addiction for almost 19 years and in therapy at intervals for about 10 years.

Why MKP is significant to me?

My NWTA in 2012 was one of the major turning points in my life and marked another step in my transition from achievement-orientated living to a felt sense of connection and community. My MKP community connection has deepened over the last four years as I have undertaken more personal development training and supported other MKP men in their development training as a member of staff.

I am also a trustee of A Band of Brothers, a charity set up by MKP men that works with young men in the criminal justice system.