Anthony Eldridge-Rogers


I work as an Executive Coach & Trainer within the speciality of human health with a focus on mental health and addiction recovery. I write about this and other topics, run CPD workshops and trainings for coaches, psychologists and counsellors and talk where I usefully can at conferences. My partner and I wrote a book on children’s education and learning and we give talks and run workshops on that too. 

Before I embraced coaching and behaviour change within behavioural health I have, been a professional photographer, music video, documentary script writer and film director, producer of advertisements, run PR and marketing for large companies (amongst others BBC worldwide) in Africa, been a wine grape farmer, restaurateur, script writer and property developer. I am currently setting up a new community interest company to provide circus skills training and theatrical performance for young people from troubled backgrounds. I have worked extensively internationally and lived 20 years outside the UK in South Africa and Europe with my wife and three children. We currently live in a community in Devon.

Why is MKPUK&I significant to me?

Societies need pathways to help men of all generations find alternatives to toxic, destructive masculinity and mental health challenges. I am especially interested in how we can help young men transition into full adulthood. MKP goes a considerable way to offering routes for men to come together, learn, be in community and find peace from themselves and positively serve their communities. I have been a beneficiary of MKP’s work and trainings and can testify to their usefulness.